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Strengthen board oversight of issue
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  • Governance
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  • Shareholder rights
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Health Care
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United States
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The following directors have been nominated for election at the 2023 Annual meeting:

1) Daniel P. O'Day - 92.89% FOR
(i) Chair of Board of Directors

2) Kevin E. Lofton - 92.61%
(i) Chair of Compensation and Talent Committee
(ii) Member of Audit Committee
(iii) Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee

3) Jacqueline K. Barton - 98.65% FOR
(i) Member of Compensation and Talent Committee
(ii) Member of Science Committee

4) Jeffrey A. Bluestone - 99.6% FOR
(i) Member of Science Committee

5) Sandra J. Morning -98.12% FOR
(i) Chair of Science Committee
(ii) Member of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

6) Kelly A. Kramer - 96.7% FOR
(i) Chair of Audit Committee
(ii) Member of Compensaiton and Talent Committee

7) Harish Manwani - 95.99% FOR
(i) Member of Compensation and Talent Committee
(ii) Member of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

8) Javier J. Rodriguez - 99.36%
(i) Member of Audit Committee

9) Anthony Welters - 95.53%
(i) Chair of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
(ii) Member of Compensation and Talent Committee

Supporting statement
Last year, shareholders voted: (i) 56.8% in favour of a proposal titled 'Reduce ownership threshold for shareholders to call special meeting' and (ii) 50.22% in favour of a proposal titled 'Publish third-party review of alignment of company's lobbying activities'. PRI research finds that as of 01 March 2023 there is no evidence that the company has been responsive to shareholder views on this matter.

The 2022 proxy season had one of the highest records for majority-supported environmental, social, and governance (ESG) shareholder proposals in recent years, according to PWC. But as the 2023 proxy season commences, companies are acting on – and implementing – less than two out of every five of those shareholder proposals, according to their proponents. In approximately a quarter of cases, the investor proponent believes the proposal will not be addressed at all.

Access the research here:

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