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Shareholders urge that our executive pay committee adopt a policy requiring senior executives to retain 50% of stock acquired through equity pay programs until reaching normal retirement age and to report to shareholders regarding the policy in our Company’s next annual meeting proxy. For the purpose of this policy, normal retirement age would be an age of at least 60 and be determined by our executive pay committee.
Supporting statement
This proposal was submitted by Kenneth Steiner, 14 Stoner Avenue, 2M, Great Neck, New York 11021. This single unified policy shall prohibit hedging transactions for shares subject to this policy which are not sales but reduce the risk of loss to the executive. Otherwise our directors might be able to avoid the impact of this proposal.

This policy shall supplement any other share ownership requirements that have been established for senior executives, and should be implemented without violating current company contractual obligations or the terms of any current pay or benefit plan. The Board is encouraged to obtain waivers of any current pay or benefit plan for senior executives that might delay implementation of this proposal.

Requiring senior executives to hold a significant portion of stock obtained through executive pay plans would focus our executives on our company’s long-term success. A Conference Board Task Force report stated that hold-to-retirement requirements give executives ‘an ever-growing incentive to focus on long-term stock price performance.’

How other organisations have declared their voting intentions

Organisation name Declared voting intentions Rationale
Anima Sgr Against As the company's long stock-vesting timeframes as well as retention requirements following retirement, go beyond the requests made by the proponent. Further, no concerns are raised regarding an overly short-term focus from the company's compensation programs.
Rothschild & co Asset Management Against

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