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Item 3: Resolution on the formal approval for fiscal year 2022 of the actions of the members of the Board of Management who held office in fiscal year 2022
3.1 Mr. Oliver Blume (99.91 % FOR)
3.2 Mr. Murat Aksel (99.91% FOR)
3.3 Mr. Arno Antlitz (99.91% FOR)
3.4 Mr. Ralf Brandstätter (99.91% FOR)
3.5 Mr. Herbert Diess (99.91% FOR)
3.6 Mr. Manfred Döss (99.91% FOR)
3.7 Mr. Markus Duesmann (99.91% FOR)
3.8 Mr. Gunnar Kilian (99.91% FOR)
3.9 Mr. Thomas Schäfer (99.91% FOR)
3.10 Mr. Thomas Schmall-von Westerholt (99.91% FOR)
3.11 Mrs. Hauke Stars (99.91% FOR)
3.12 Mrs. Hiltrud Dorothea Werner (99.91% FOR)
3.13 Mrs. Hildegard Wortmann (99.91% FOR)

Item 4: Resolution on the formal approval for fiscal year 2022 of the actions of the members of the Supervisory Board who held office in fiscal year 2022
4.1 Mr. Hans Dieter Pötsch (98.88% FOR)
4.2 Mr. Jörg Hofmann (98.96% FOR)
4.3 Mr. Hussain Ali Al Abdulla (99.26% FOR)
4.4 Mrs. Hessa Sultan Al Jaber (99.29% FOR)
4.5 Mr. Mansoor Bin Ebrahim Al-Mahmoud (99.29% FOR)
4.6 Mr. Bernd Althusmann (99.29% FOR)
4.7 Mr. Harald Buck (99.29% FOR)
4.8 Mr. Matías Carnero Sojo (99.29% FOR)
4.9 Mrs. Daniela Cavallo (98.96% FOR)
4.10 Mr. Hans-Peter Fischer (99.26% FOR)
4.11 Mrs. Julia Willie Hamburg (99.2% FOR)
4.12 Mrs. Marianne Heiß (98.96% FOR)
4.13 Mr. Arno Homburg (99.29% FOR)
4.14 Mrs. Ulrike Jakob (99.29% FOR)
4.15 Mrs. Simone Mahler (99.29% FOR)
4.16 Mr. Peter Mosch (98.93% FOR)
4.17 Mrs. Bertina Murkovic (99.29% FOR)
4.18 Mrs. Daniela Nowak (99.29% FOR)
4.19 Mr. Hans Michel Piëch (98.91% FOR)
4.20 Mr. Ferdinand Oliver Porsche (99.26% FOR)
4.21 Mr. Wolfgang Porsche (98.91% FOR)
4.22 Mr. Jens Rothe (99.29% FOR)
4.23 Mrs. Conny Schönhardt (99.29% FOR)
4.24 Mr. Stephan Weil (98.93% FOR)
4.25 Mr. Werner Weresch (99.29% FOR)
Item 5: Election of members of the Supervisory Board
5.1 - Mrs. Marianne Heiß (98.41% FOR)
5.2 - Mr. Günther Horvath (98.46% FOR)
5.3 - Mr. Wolfgang Porsche (98.44% FOR
Supporting statement
Church of England Pensions Board has expressed their intention to vote AGANST proposals 3 through 5 at Volkswagen AG's upcoming 2023 AGM.
For more details, access the following:


Declaration of vote intentions by the Church of England Pensions Board:

"VW’s performance on setting targets and its transparency related to lobbying lags its German peers including Mercedes Benz and BMW. Unlike VW, both of these companies have produced lobbying disclosures, and have been independently assessed as having stronger short and medium-term emissions reduction targets by the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI). We have repeatedly submitted shareholder amendments seeking disclosures on the company approach to corporate climate lobbying. These regrettably continue to be rejected by the company.

Laura Hillis, Director of Climate & Environment, Church of England Pensions Board, commented: “Volkswagen has committed to align its business with a net-zero emissions future. Yet the company’s activities on climate lobbying, and insufficient emissions reduction targets, continue to hold it back from realising that ambition.

Over more than four years of climate engagement with the company we have repeatedly called for the company to set emissions reduction targets aligned with limiting global warming to 1.5C, and a climate lobbying and industry associations disclosure. Given the company is still yet to meet these expectations, as shareholders we intend to use our votes to hold the Board of Management and the members of the Supervisory Board accountable.”

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