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Organisation name Declared voting intentions Rationale
VidaCaixa For
CANDRIAM For At Candriam, we believe that technology companies should be as transparent as possible to guarantee the safe use of rapidly evolving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. The demand formulated by this resolution is aligned with this view.

As regulation appears, on average, several years after new developments it is essential for technology firms to display the highest standard in ethical practices in these early stages of deployment. Artificial Intelligence comes along with the probability of introducing biases, discriminations, misinformation, and other misuses and abuses against employees, users and society at large. We know that companies that can best avoid these issues are those that are the most transparent, accountable, and open to engaging with outside stakeholders such as civil society, academia, investors, etc. The terms ‘trustworthy AI’, ‘explainable AI’ are often used when referring to ethical practices. Our discussions on AI-related issues with technology companies has taught us that those companies that are the most transparent and open about the way they develop and deploy AI algorithms are also those that display the best ethical practices. While Apple’s existing guidelines and practices broadly address the social topics mentioned in the proposal, they do not specifically refer to the adverse impacts that AI could generate. Furthermore, certain of the company's peers have committed to mitigate risks posed by AI.

By being transparent on their AI principles, guidelines and processes, technology leaders, such as Apple, can also set a high standard for an ethical use of AI for the whole industry.

As such, we vote FOR this shareholder proposal.
Anima Sgr For As the company's lack of disclosure regarding AI limits shareholders' ability to evaluate the risks associated with the use of AI or the actions the company is potentially taking to mitigate those risks. Improved transparency and the disclosure of an ethical guideline may alleviate shareholder concerns.
Kutxabank Gestion SGIIC SAU. For
Rothschild & co Asset Management For

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