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Engagement encouraging multinational food retailers and brand manufacturers to develop a global, evidence-based approach to diversify protein sources away from an over-reliance on animal proteins.

Business case

Protein diversification is critical to long-term value creation and mitigating key risks, including climate change, resource scarcity and protecting human health. It requires companies to develop a comprehensive strategy to expand product development and research, explore the applicability of new food technologies and acquisitions, leverage their marketing power to influence consumers to embrace new products and engage their supplier community to mitigate impacts on farmer livelihoods. To undertake such a transformation, companies must:

  • Evaluate their current exposure to animal proteins and the risk profile of these supply chains
  • Assess the strategic implications of growth plans that are predicated on a higher reliance on animal proteins (through scenario analysis)
  • Commit at the highest level to transitioning their global business model to less resource-intensive food products
  • Develop a cross-functional strategy (involving R&D, marketing, and sustainable sourcing) to undertake a transition
  • Set clear goals and timelines to achieve a transition
  • Report on the right metrics to evaluate portfolio transition

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