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RESOLVED: Shareholders of NVIDIA Corporation (“Company”) request our Board of Directors take the steps necessary to amend the appropriate company governing documents to give holders with an aggregate of 15% net long of our outstanding common stock the power to call a special shareowner meeting. This proposal does not impact our Board’s current power to call a special meeting.
Supporting statement
SUPPORTING STATEMENT: Our Company allows the Board to call a special meeting, whereas Delaware law also permits companies to allow shareholders to call such meetings. Calling for a special shareholder meeting is hardly ever used by shareholders. However, management will be incentivized to genuinely engage with shareholders instead of stonewalling on issues if shareholders have a realistic Plan B option of calling a special shareholder meeting.
Often, companies claim that shareholders have multiple means to communicate with management and the board. Still, in most cases, these means are as effective as mailing a postcard. A reasonable shareholder right to call a special shareholder meeting is essential for effective shareholder engagement with management.
Over 72% of S&P 500 companies allow shareholders to call a special meeting. Between 2021 and 2023, at least 50% of shares at the following companies were voted in favor of shareholder proposals requesting that companies allow shareholders the right to call special meetings: Mosaic, Zoetis, Bloomin’ Brands, Synopsys, TEGNA, Cerner, Crown Holdings, Cetene, Agilent Technologies, Beckton Dickinson, Dollar Genera, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Kellanova.
Large funds such as Vanguard, TIAA-CREF, BlackRock, and SSgA Funds Management, Inc. (State Street) support shareholders' right to call special meetings. For example, BlackRock includes the following in its proxy voting guidelines: “[S]hareholders should have the right to call a special meeting...”
With the widespread use of online shareholder meetings, it is much easier for management to conduct a special shareholder meeting, and our bylaws thus need to be updated accordingly.
We urge the Board to join the mainstream of major U.S. companies. Establish a right for shareholders owning 15% of our outstanding common stock to call a special meeting.
Increase Long-Term Shareholder Value
Vote FOR the Right of Shareholders to Call Special Meetings – Proposal [4*]

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