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Amend board structure
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  • Governance
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  • Lobbying / political engagement
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Consumer Discretionary
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United States
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Resolved: stockholders recommend that the Board of, Inc. establish a Public Policy Committee.
Supporting statement
Filer: Shareholder: Jing Zhao

Amazon needs a Public Policy Committee to assist the Board to oversee public policy issues including human rights,
corporate social responsibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, climate pledge, renewable energy, net-zero carbon shipment, vendor
chain management, charitable giving, political activities and expenditures, governmental regulations, international relations,
unionization and other public issues that affect Amazon’s operations, performance, public reputation, and shareholders’
value. Many public policy issues have been voted at our previous shareholders meetings, many more public policy issues will
come because Amazon does not have a Public Policy Committee.
The corporate governance is like a social contract between the public (including shareholders, employees, users and
the general public) and the corporate board: the public gives the board a free hand to run the corporate business so there is
no companywide union in Amazon, there is no employee representation on the board, and the board is nominated and
elected without any competition (the number of candidates is the same number of board seats). Particularly for Amazon,
the board needs further efforts to prevent abusing the public trust.
About 7% of the companies in the S&P 500 had a separate board committee responsible for public policy. Considering
Amazon’s giant size and complex operations of business worldwide, even if there are only 0.7% of the companies in the
S&P 500 having a public policy committee, Amazon must be one of them

How other organisations have declared their voting intentions

Organisation name Declared voting intentions Rationale
THEMATICS Asset Management For
Anima Sgr For As, by establishing a dedicated Public Policy Committee, the company will have a centralized device to continue, ensure, and promote its social and environmental policies and initiatives. The establishment of a Public Policy Committee will also solidify the company's position among its peers as an industry leader in this area of environmental sustainability.
Kutxabank Gestion SGIIC SAU. Against

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