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RESOLVED, Shareholders request that Tesla Board issue a report, at reasonable expense and excluding proprietary information, on the health effects and financial and competitive risks associated with electromagnetic radiation and wireless technologies embedded in its vehicles.
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Whereas: Tesla dedicates itself to being the safest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. The FCC has not materially updated its wireless radiofrequency (RF) radiation emissions guidelines since 1996 despite the ubiquity of human exposures in everything from our modems, devices and vehicles. Over the past 27 years, growing peer reviewed
published scientific evidence links RF radiation and other non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure to a range of harmful effects at legally allowed levels including cancer , memory damage , impacts on brain development , the endocrine system , thyroid function , reproduction , and DNA/genetic damage.
Numerous scientists conclude that the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) classification of radiofrequency radiation or RF should be at least a probable, if not a proven human carcinogen. Researchers have also documented harm to flora and fauna.
Supporting statement
SUPPORTING STATEMENT: Proponent suggests the report include independent expert test results of magnetic fields and RF radiation for each Tesla vehicle model inside and outside of the vehicles.
Shareholders request that Tesla measure the magnetic fields and RF radiation inside and outside of its vehicles and issue an annual report on the health effects and financial and competitive risks associated with electromagnetic radiation and wireless technologies embedded in its vehicles.

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Kutxabank Gestion SGIIC SAU. Against
Rothschild & co Asset Management Against
Anima Sgr Against In the absence of additional facts concerning EMF and RF radiation as health risks in Tesla’s vehicles, the requested report is not necessary.

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