The connection between Responsible Investment and the Brand

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220 European asset managers analysed for their ability to embed responsible investment approaches in their brand. 29 asset managers consciously link their drive towards greater societal value through their Purpose, yet Asset Managers still struggle to express their often-good intent through their brand.

Business case

The H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI) has been developed to find out which asset management companies act as responsible investors and commit to sustainable development to the extent that they put it at the very heart of who they are: ie. in their brand.

Public pressure to use finance and investment as a lever to create greater societal good will continue to increase. The dynamics we observe make the connection between responsible investment and asset manager brands even more meaningful and thus of the utmost strategic importance for any player in the industry. 

We believe a clear brand embedding the societal values at heart of an investment manager is paramount to strengthen the alignment between asset managers and asset owners. Something our society needs crucially.

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