Private Sector Guidance on Addressing Gender-Based Violence and Harassment Risks

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Gender-based violence and harassment is a systemic global issue that affects individuals in the workplace, their communities, and homes. In response to this urgent issue, the EBRD, CDC Group, and IFC have developed practical guidance for the private sector to better identify, prevent and respond to these risks, with an emphasis on emerging markets.

Business case

GBVH is a barrier to sustainable and inclusive development. For companies and investors,  violence and harassment due to gender can pose a range of risks, including litigation, loss of profits and reputational damage. Addressing the risks can have many business benefits, such as improved productivity and performance, reduced accident potential, improved access to skills and talent, and improved stakeholder relations.

Private sector companies and investors are increasingly recognising GBVH as a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Adequate action can help prevent this issue and mitigate the adverse impacts on survivors and on companies and investors.

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