Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights

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NEI Investments, on behalf of the Investor Alliance for Human Rights (IAHR), invites investors to sign-on to the Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights and to participate in the engagement of 26 ICT companies. 

Business case

The past year has put a spotlight on the unchecked power of technology companies contributing to misinformation, mass surveillance, algorithmic bias, and more. The largest companies in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector must prioritize human rights protections in their policies, practices, and business models.

As investors, we are concerned with the lack of transparency and accountability in the ICT sector, affecting people’s rights to privacy and freedom of expression. Through the Investor Statement on Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights, we are calling on ICT companies to commit to respect human rights by establishing comprehensive human rights policies and due diligence mechanisms, sustained and managed through robust board oversight.

We invite investors to sign-on to this Investor Statement by completing this form. Should you be interested in participating in the engagement of the 26 ICT companies, please indicate accordingly in the form.  

DEADLINE for signatories: COB, Wednesday, 26 May.   

You can view the 26 ICT company scores here, and learn more about this initiative on the IAHR website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anita Dorett.

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