Webinar: Tracking for Health - Assessing retailers' progress on healthier sales

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This webinar will provide insight from ShareAction's latest ‘Tracking for Health’ briefing. We will look at how retailers define and measure sales from healthier products, and will give an overview of the work the Healthy Markets investor coalition is doing to drive progress on corporate efforts on health and nutrition.

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Business case

With two thirds of families’ food expenditure in the UK going to retailers, the retail sector plays a vital role in shaping people’s diets. But, with rising levels of obesity and half of supermarket sales coming from products high in fat, sugar, or salt (HFSS), more effort is needed to improve the healthiness of retailers’ sales.

More recently the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need to address mounting obesity levels in order to build a healthier and more resilient society. Alongside the current tax on sugary drinks and the sugar and calorie reduction programmes, the UK government is now fast-tracking regulation to restrict the promotion and advertising of HFSS products to limit their harmful impact on health and drive healthier consumption. These measures are also supported by consumers, who are increasingly demanding healthier products.

Setting long-term targets to increase sales from healthier products is a key performance indicator (KPI) that our Healthy Markets campaign, amongst others, have been calling for. Retailers can adopt this KPI to help investors and other stakeholders understand how they are adapting to rising consumer demand for healthier products and increased obesity regulation.

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