Investor Statement Regarding the Government of Western Australia’s Proposed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2020

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This statement articulates investor support for the Western Australian Aboriginal Groups in their call for the WA state government to:

1. Halt the passing of its proposed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2020.

2. Enter into partnership with Indigenous interests and industry to co-design the new heritage protection laws.

Business case

The Government of Western Australia is in the process of updating the state’s Aboriginal heritage protection laws. However, WA Aboriginal Groups have clearly stated that the current Draft Bill does not provide adequate protection for cultural heritage and will not prevent another Juukan Gorge Disaster.

For investors, robust Aboriginal heritage laws in WA are needed to manage the reputational risks of owning Australian mining companies. In addition, we believe that effective legislation will contribute to the long-term resilience of the Australian mining industry. We urge fellow PRI Member to sign this statement to indicate to the WA state government that this important legislation must not be rushed and should incorporate the views of concerned stakeholders.

The statement will be delivered in early August in a public manner. If you are interested in signing this statement, please request to join by 30, July 2021.

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The WA Indigenous Groups’ Statement:

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