Emissions Disclosure in the EU Tech Sector

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Stakeholders are invited to co-sign engagement letters to EU tech companies that do not sufficiently disclose their emissions.

Please join via this link or email us directly.

Business case


Humans’ role in climate warming is ”unequivocal”, stated the latest IPCC report, confirming what many suspected. The planet is getting warmer, and the primary drivers of the global temperature rise are greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Arabesque Asset Management is of the opinion that comprehensive disclosures of GHG emissions, as outlined in the GHG Protocol, are critical to accurately understand and manage risk, differentiating between leaders and laggards of climate action. The lack of corporate disclosures results in gaps in our ESG data and models, which are the backbone for Arabesque’s sustainable investments.

We, therefore, initiate this data-backed engagement campaign to encourage corporates to disclose their climate data,  supporting better-informed investment decisions.


HOW did we identify the companies?

The Technology sector accounts for 2 – 3% of global GHG emissions and with a technology company within our Group, we seek to shed light on this sector which is often overlooked in the emissions discussion. Based on Arabesque S-Ray Temperature Score, we identified six companies in the Technology sector with whom we wish to engage in a constructive dialogue around improved disclosures. These companies have come far in their reporting and they are missing just a few steps to receive Temperature Score. The companies are: SAP SE, SimCorp SE, Scout24, AMS, Barco NV and Melexis NV.


WHAT will we do?

We will send a letter to the Chairman and the CEO of these companies urging them to publish a disclosure of their GHG emissions to us and other like-minded investors. We will also provide them advice on the improvements needed for more comprehensive disclosures.

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