CCLA Corporate Mental Health 2021 Pilot Benchmark Report

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The CCLA Mental Health Benchmark is the next step in our mental health programme. It will provide a view on how listed companies approach and manage employee mental health, an increasingly telling measure of corporate sustainability and leadership.

Business case

1 in 6 of the total population is currently experiencing a mental health problem, the great majority of whom are of working age. Among the adult population, 1 in 4 has a mental health issue in any given year. 1 in 5 adults has considered taking their own life at some point. (ISO, ILO and Mental Health Foundation)

The need for collective action is clear. Positive, systemic change requires greater transparency, disclosure and reporting. It requires greater pressure from stakeholders as well as more progressive public legislation. Whilst we were encouraged by our initial engagement findings, there is little commonality in approach, very little monitoring or public disclosure and in most cases, a lack of commitment from senior leaders.

With this knowledge, CCLA is building a pioneering investment tool to assess and measure how listed companies are looking after their employee’s mental health.

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