ZSL SPOTT - disclosure against PRI “Investor Expectations on Sustainable Palm Oil”

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Each year SPOTT publishes assessments of palm oil producers, processors and traders on their public disclosures on Environmental, Social and Governance issues. The “PRI expectations score”, assessing companies against the PRI “Investor Expectations on Sustainable Palm Oil”, is generated by ZSL from a subset of SPOTT indicators. 

Business case

Investors can use this to assess companies against the expectations set out in the Investor Expectation Statement on Sustainable Palm Oil. A full score indicates that the company has key policies and commitments in place aligned with the expectations, but company policies and commitments may not translate into effective implementation on the ground and additional indicators should be used to appreciate a company’s approach in more depth.

For a more detailed and nuanced view of company disclosures, users are encouraged to review assessments in full on SPOTT.org and engage with companies and third parties directly. The SPOTT media monitor on each company page may provide some contextual information; however, independent due diligence activities should include measures to assess levels of implementation.

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