Resolution Database

This database includes shareholder resolutions, management proposals and votes, and is provided to improve the transparency of shareholder advocacy and proxy voting and to facilitate communication among shareholders, including PRI signatories. The blue symbol denotes (co-)sponsorship of a resolution or proposal by PRI signatories, which can also choose to pre-declare their voting intentions.

By including a shareholder resolution or management proposal in this database, neither the PRI nor the user submitting the resolution, proposal or campaign is seeking authority to act as proxy for any shareholder; shareholders should vote their proxies in accordance with their own policies and requirements. PRI reserves the right to moderate submissions and reject content which might engage its responsibility or give rise to liability. See full disclaimer.

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DISCLAIMER: Information on shareholder resolutions, management proposals and votes is obtained from sources that are believed to be reliable, but the PRI does not represent that it is accurate, complete, or up-to-date, including information provided in support of resolutions and proposals, vote pre-declarations (including voting rationales), and the current status of a resolution or proposal.

Access to this database does not transfer ownership of any of its contents to you, and you may not sell or make commercial use of the database or its contents; as used herein, “commercial use” does not include informing investment or stewardship decisions.