CALL FOR BETA TESTERS: TIIP’s system-level investing launchpad and community of practice

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TIIP is mobilizing a cohort of investors to beta test the Systems Aware Investing Launchpad (SAIL), a “one-stop shop” for answers to fundamental questions about system-level investing and for practical system-level investing support and tools. 

Contact William Burckart ( by April 1, 2023.

Collaboration details

SAIL includes: a Community of Practice (CoPractice) containing the clearinghouse of information and tools related to system-level investing and a forum for connecting investors with their peers to exchange ideas, share best practices, and raise issues and questions; and Launchpad, a first-of-its-kind, web-based, plug-and-play tool that guides investors in launching or refining their system-level investing approaches.

Contact William Burckart at by April 1, 2023 if you are interested in participating.

The social and environmental challenges of the 21st century are new, different, and fundamentally destabilizing. Many of these challenges are systemic in nature; they are complex, interconnected global issues with multiple contributing factors. They impact entire societies and economies and threaten the global financial system and long-term investment returns across all asset classes. Income inequality, for example, is stirring nationalistic protectionist rage, upending democracies, and inciting trade wars. Human rights abuses, including forced labor, modern slavery, and human trafficking, are triggering war and conflict and weakening societies. Rapidly worsening climate change is accelerating natural disasters and leading to mass migrations.

While the drivers of these challenges are many and complex, one thing is clear: the financial industry is part of the problem. Many investors, for example, focus on short-term goals (e.g., beating stock benchmarks, generating the greatest returns in the shortest time possible). Such short-termism—short-term focus on price and efficiency—can impede investors from appropriately considering long-term social risks and opportunities to create long-term value. It causes investors to ignore destabilizing social challenges, to ignore the contributions they make to them, and to enable situations that worsen as they accumulate short-term profits.

Thankfully, the financial industry can also be part of the solution. System-level investing helps investors—be they institutions, families, or individuals—to recognize the scope and scale of their impact and influence on systemic challenges and on social, environmental, and financial systems more broadly. It guides them in using a combination of conventional and new approaches to intentionally managing this impact toward the goals of minimizing long-term systemic risks, capitalizing on related opportunities for long-term value creation, building resilient systems that support investments across all asset classes, and, importantly, promoting global well-being. Investors adopt system-level investing and pursue these goals alongside their ongoing management of portfolio risks and rewards and their pursuit of competitive returns.

Contact William Burckart at by April 1, 2023 if you are interested in participating.

TIIP developed SAIL in 2022 to guide investors in adopting system-level investing to address systemic social and environmental issues. TIIP is seeking investors (pension funds, foundations, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and insurance companies in particular) to beta test SAIL’s CoPractice and the inaugural section of the Launchpad focused on income inequality as well as a new, issue agnostic version. A subset of these beta users will also receive one-on-one consultation from TIIP on their use of the SAIL in exchange for the opportunity to document their experiences and to develop and share commensurate case studies. 

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